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TT-Fibertec 2D™

TT-Fibertec 3D™

Both, the TT-Fibermat and TT-Fibertec, have a low coefficient of thermal conductivity and high sound absorption in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10534-2. The raw materials can be selected individually according to requirements. We are happy to help you with the selection and specification of the materials.

Individual with new coatings


  • No residual shrinkage
  • No combustible materials
  • High insulation effect
  • High Acoustic absorption
  • Low tolerances in thermals and function
  • Simplified assembly and reduces cycle times

TT-Reflect Pro™

  • No residual shrinkage
  • Reduced thermal conductivity and thermal capacity
  • Lower surface temperature
  • Minimized loss of power in the heat up phase
  • Simplified assembly and reduces cycle times

TT-Expand Pro™

  • No residual shrinkage
  • Expands on first heating by up to 45%
  • Adapts to any surface structures
  • Simplified assembly and reduces cycle times


  • No residual shrinkage
  • Water repellent and hydrophobic
  • Improved durability
  • Simplified assembly and reduces cycle times
  • No use of Mica
  • Not electrically conductive

Fiber-Mat Portfolio

TT-MAT 1000™

TT-MAT 800™

TT-FIBER 1000™

Textiles based on silicate fibres have different thermal, physical and mechanical properties depending on their proportion of silicon dioxide (SiO2). If the total amount of silicon dioxide in the product is more than 99.95%, it is called “pure silicon dioxide”. Below this amount, the term silicate fiber is used. TT currently offers products with a SiO2 content of 98% and 94% to meet a maximum number of applications.

The TT-FIBER 1000 product family based on silicate fibers consists of more than 95% silicon dioxide and is suitable for high-temperature applications up to 1050°C. These asbestos-free and inorganic products do not contain toxic substances and are not irritating. Their good thermal and mechanical properties make them an excellent alternative to ceramic fiber products.


TT offers products with a SiO2 content of 56 – 62 % with a transformation temperature of 760 ° C. The annealing loss is less than 2% and the volume shrinkage could be reduced to less than 2%

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